• Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024



Masamoon – B.I.D.S. (Beautifully Ignorant Disrespectful Shit) [Album]

Masamoon is an underground hip hop group consisting of Billy NoJokes, Frankie Fadeless, Big Left & Aztek the Barfly. Underground hip hop fans, gather ’round. The scene’s latest provocateur, Masamoon, has just dropped a gem that’s stirring the pot and setting the stage on fire. His new album, B.I.D.S. (Beautifully Ignorant Disrespectful Shit), is an unfiltered, raw, and unapologetically authentic collection of tracks that hit harder than a heavyweight bout.

B.I.D.S. is a journey through the gritty realities of urban life, narrated with Masamoon’s signature blend of sharp lyricism and aggressive delivery. The album kicks off with “Calling Em Out,” a track that sets the tone with its heavy beats and Masamoon’s unmistakable flow.

Tracks like “52 Steaks” and “Shadow Soldiers” showcase Masamoon’s knack for storytelling, each verse a vivid vignette of street life, punctuated by a chorus that you’ll be humming for days. The production throughout the album is top-notch, with beats that are both haunting and hypnotic, providing the perfect backdrop for Masamoon’s lyrical onslaught.

Collaborations on the album are sparse but impactful. The guest verse, notably from underground stalwarts like ILL Bill add a layer to the project without overshadowing Masamoon’s presence. Each feature feels like a natural extension of Masamoon’s vision, rather than a forced inclusion.

In B.I.D.S., Masamoon has crafted a project that is as rebellious as it is introspective. It challenges listeners to confront the ugliness of reality while appreciating the artistry that can arise from it. This album isn’t for the faint-hearted – it’s for those who appreciate hip hop in its rawest form, unpolished and uncompromising.

So, if you’re looking for an album that pushes boundaries and refuses to conform, B.I.D.S. is your new soundtrack. Masamoon has officially staked his claim as one of the underground scene’s most compelling groups. Don’t sleep on this one – it’s the beautifully ignorant, disrespectful shit that the genre needs right now.